Committees and Ministries @ Beckwith 

Budget Committee
Chair and Liaison: Adam Smelker

Christian Education Committee
Chair:  Deacons
Council Liaison: Connie Sztengel

Education Committee
Chair: Elain VanDenBerg
Council Liaison: Gord Koll
Director of Youth: Garrett Saul

Facilities Committee

Chair: Doug Byl
Council Liaison: Jeff Collins
Custodian: Marcia Koll

Hospitality Committee
Chair: Flo Ronda
Council Liasion: Caitlin Sanders

Investment Committee
Chair: Bill Mieras
Council Liasion: Adam Smelker

Memorial Fund Committee
Chair: Dave Ronda
Council Liaison: Rev. Rick Pinckney

Missions Committee
Chair: Daryl Vogel
Council Liason: Pastor Rick Pinckney

Nominations Committee
Chair: Greg Dykema

Technology Committee 
Chair: Kevin Soodsma
Council Liaison: Heather Peters

Worship Committee

Chair: Bob Buist

Council Liaison: Gord Koll