Outreach @ Beckwith

Our congregation has made an effort to be involved in our community.  If you are wondering how you might be able to get involved with any of these ministries which we have partnered with please contact the church office at 458-0150.

Cookies for Vets
We have adopted the 4th floor of the Grand Rapids Veterans Home.  You can sign up to make cookies/homemade goodies for one of the pickup dates at the Welcome Center at church.  Then bring your goodies to church on the date you signed up for and a couple from the church will deliver your goodies for you.

Kent Community Hospital
Once every 8 weeks Beckwith is in charge of leading a 30 minute worship service for the residents of Kent Community Hospital.  Volunteers can help bring residents down from their rooms, sing, or even lead worship.  Whatever your comfort level may be, there is sure to be something you can help with.  The Service starts at 11:55am Sunday mornings.

Missionaries and Agencies

Beckwith Hills Church supports these missionaries and agencies:

  • Dr. Myaya & Munyiva Katavi - Kamiti, Nairobi & Kenya, East Africa
  • Rev. Jeong & Misook Gho - Tokyo, Japan
  • Rev. Steve & Sandra Brauning - Dominican Republic
  • Rev Andy Hanson - Celebration Fellowship Christian Reformed Church, Ionia State Prison, Michigan