Youth Mission Trip to The Dominican Republic

This summer, a group of short-term missionaries will be going to La Enea in the Dominican Republic to help build a church! If you would like to financially support our missionaries, please use the link below. 

Donate for Beckwith Hills' Dominican Republic Trip

casa pastor Betancourt oracion.jpg

Feature 1

Pastor Esteban is praying with a group of people who are going to help build a house.

casa pastor Betancourt vieja1.jpg

Feature 2

The group stands in front of their old house. 

casa pastor Betancourt2.jpg

Feature 3

Pastor Esteban works with re-bar. 

Fiesta de Cosecha Santa Rita 2014 (9).JPG

                                                                                                                  One of Pastor Esteban's 3 congregations.  

                                                                                   Feature 4